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We offer salsa lessons (ON2 - NYC Style) for students with all levels of experience. You will learn how to dance salsa New York style, sweat, and have fun.

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Salsa Classes NYC draws on Mambo, Afro-Cuban, Latin folklore, Jazz, and Modern Dance when crafting it's choreography. Our team has two goals: for the dances to complement the music they're performed to and for every move to come from the dancers' hearts.

Mission: Create, inspire and heal through movement as well as sustaining the art. Allow people to come and be free in a safe and creative space. Help NYC residents find the best dancer within themselves, while connecting to others in a unique setting.

Even though it is a beginner class, a lot of focus will be made on mastering the salsa dance skills, stretches and exercises to practice balance while moving and turning. Two of the most important things is connection to the music and your partner.


Please note: Advance signup necessary

The group classes are 60 minutes and will take place weeknights and weekends in Midtown Manhattan. Private classes are 60 minutes and are scheduled as needed.

4-weeks cycle - In this 4-week cycle students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamental steps and turn patterns in salsa. We will simultaneously help you build a strong overall dance foundation. You will improve your balance and posture and learn how to move your body and arms in a controlled but fluid manner. To conclude the cycle, you will learn and perform a mini-salsa choreography. Space is limited so please contact us for availability.

LEVEL 1: ABSOLUTE BEGINNER (LEVEL 1) - This class is perfectly suited for students with no prior salsa dancing experience. You will familiarize yourself with the music, learn the basic steps and simple combinations performed solo (shines) and with a partner (turn patterns).

LEVEL 2: ADVANCED BEGINNER (LEVEL 2) - For students who have some prior salsa dance experience or have completed our beginner class. This class will help you master more challenging shines and turn patterns as well as teach you to style and incorporate body movement while dancing.

Movement Class - This class teaches Afro-Latin movement, characterized by fluid and expressive motions and a dancer's personal interpretation of the beat. It introduces students to the typical motions of Afro-Cuban and other Latin Folklore styles while providing historical and cultural context. The workshop is a great opportunity to build control over body movement, improve musical and improvisation skills, and to learn to apply this knowledge outside of the classroom and to other forms of dance.

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4 weeks consecutive

$30 each

7:00pm - 8:00pm

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7:00pm - 8:00pm

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"If you stumble, smile and make it part of the dance!"

salsaclassesnyc.Co 2017 Cancellation Policy. We require 3 days cancellation notice prior to your scheduled class. The total original amount paid will be charged if you do not notify us about your cancellation or any changes 3 days before your scheduled class/booking. Thank you and please email our PR team about your experience.